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How do I create an account?
Can I change my username?
Can I change or hide my age?
How do I change my password?
How do I upload or change my profile picture?
My profile picture isn’t uploading!
How do I connect or disconnect my Facebook account to my StumbleUpon account?
What if I forgot my current password? How do I reset my password?
Can I make my profile private?
I can’t see some of my comments or Likes on my profile.
How do I manage my email preferences?
How do I add or stop following Interests?
Can I create two different accounts?
I ended up with two accounts, can I merge them?
Why do I have to register to use StumbleUpon?
How do I delete my account?



How do I create an account?
To create an account on StumbleUpon follow these simple instructions:

1) Visit
2) Click on the Connect with Facebook or Connect with Google buttons. You can also click the button to Sign up with Email.
3) You can then sign up by filling out the registration form. If you are registering with Facebook or Google we will automatically create a username for you.
4) Submit your registration form by clicking the Join button.
5) Help keep StumbleUpon spam-free by either filling out a captcha. If the captcha link or image is not working please try using a different computer or browser to see if this solves your problem.
6) You now have a StumbleUpon account! Finish up your account creation by selecting several Interests to follow. This is essential to increasing the quality of web pages we show you! 

Can I change my username?
Yes, you may change your username only once after you have created an account on StumbleUpon.

Important: An old username cannot be reused once an account has been deleted, or where an account has been renamed. If you have two accounts, you can not change the name of one and then attempt to use the old name of that account with another account.

To change your username please follow these steps:

1) Go to your Settings page.
2) Make sure you are in the Profile tab.
3) Click Edit to the right of your current username (if this link is not available you have already changed your username once and will not be able to request another change).
4) Enter a new username up to 16 characters long and press enter on your keyboard. A pop-up screen will ask you to enter your password to confirm the change and then click Save - this change usually takes effect immediately, but may take a short while to take full effect during busy periods. Refresh your browser page cache to see the change for yourself!


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Please note, using a trademark or company name as your username may be determined to be a trademark infringement and your account may be suspended.


Can I change or hide my age?
Yes, go to your Settings page and select the Account Info tab. If you have not already entered your birthdate you will be able to set it there. If you have already set your birthdate need to change it, please contact us. Age is not shown on Profiles and is private.


How do I change my password?
To change your password:

1) Go to your Profile page and click the link to Settings.
2) Click on the Account Info tab. Click Change Password.
3) Type your current password into the space provided for Current Password, then enter your new password twice and click the Save button.
4) Make sure you save your changes for the new password to take effect.

NOTE: If you are logged in but still don’t know your password, you can send yourself a password reset email. From the “Account Info” tab page click “Change Password” and from the Change Your Password popup click the "Forgot Password?" link to send yourself a reset email.

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How do I upload or change my profile picture?
To change your profile picture:

1) Go to your Settings page and then select the Profile tab.
2) Click Change Picture to browse and upload a new profile picture from your computer.
3) Drag and re-size the dotted square box to format your profile picture to an image that is the correct dimensions for StumbleUpon.
4. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page

StumbleUpon accepts profile images in .jpg, .gif, or .png format.  Your chosen image must be no larger than 1Mb in file size.



My profile picture isn’t uploading!
If your new picture doesn’t seem to have loaded, your browser cache is most likely storing the old picture. To remedy this, please clear your browser history, clear your browser cache, and reload the page displaying your profile photo. You can also check if your profile photo has changed by viewing your profile on a different browser.



How do I connect or disconnect my social network account to my StumbleUpon account?


To manage your connected social network accounts:

1) Go to your Settings page by clicking the Settings button in the menu at the top right of your StumbleBar.
2) Select the Connections tab  to view which of your Facebook, Twitter or Google accounts you are connected to.
3) To link one of these social network accounts to your StumbleUpon account, click the adjacent Connect button. To unlink a social network account, click button link to Disconnect.

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What if I forgot my current password? How do I reset my password?
Please note, we’ll only send password reminders to the email address associated with your membership, so be sure to keep your account email up to date if you should you change your email.

To reset your password:

1) Make sure you are logged out and go to the StumbleUpon login page here:
2) Click on the Login button link in the top right of the screen, then click the Forgot password? link under the password entry field.
3) Enter your email address linked to your StumbleUpon account (if you receive an error message that means we have no account under your email – you can either try entering a different email address your account might be under or sign up with a new account).
4) Check your email inbox for a password reset email from StumbleUpon.
5) Click the reset link provided in that email.
6) Type a new password and then enter it again to confirm it (make sure to choose a strong password with letters and numbers to help keep your account secure). You will then be logged in and taken to your Profile page.

Other issues:

- Didn’t receive the email? Please make sure you are not blocking or filtering message from and try searching your spam and junk folders for the message.
- Locked out? StumbleUpon protects your account by limiting the number of password reset emails you can request. Please wait 24 hours and try again.
- Not recognizing your email address? You may not have successfully signed up for StumbleUpon in the past. If your sign up was successful you should have received a confirmation email. You may also want to try entering any other email addresses you have.
If you have tried the above and require additional assistance please write to us at:

NOTE: When you reset your password and every time you enter your password to log in to your account, please remember that passwords are CASE SENSITIVE. Your password must also be between 6 and 16 characters. So if you have any capital letters in your password, please make sure to type them correctly. If you don't have any capital letters in your password, make sure your CAPS LOCK key is off. 


Can I make my profile private?
No, all StumbleUpon profiles are public. However, profiles set to view adult content will only be viewable to logged in members whose profiles are also set to the same content level. For this reason, some profile may appear private or hidden to users with a general content level.

To make your profile more private, you can take the following actions:

- Hide your Interests and Likes (change this setting on your Privacy tab on your Settings pages).
- Set your account so friends can not find you by email (change this setting on your Privacy tab on your Settings page).

I can’t see some of my Likes on my profile.
If you are unable to see some of the Likes that you have saved, check to see whether that content is adult. If so, you’ll need to set your Content Filter to allow you to see that content. Read more here about adjusting your Content Filter.


How do I manage my email preferences?
If you no longer wish to receive these emails you may opt out of them by clicking the opt-out link in any email you receive from StumbleUpon. Alternatively, you can also opt out by:

1) Logging into your account.
2) Go to your Settings page and click the Notifications tab.
3) Uncheck any of the various email options on the page to tailor what kind of messages you receive from StumbleUpon.
4) Click the Save Changes button.

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How do I add or stop following Interests?


To add a new Interest:

1) Go to the Interests page or select Edit Interests from the StumbleBar Mode selector menu.
2) Select the Topic tab you want to explore.
3) Browse the available Interests via the tiles displayed in the Topic tabs.
4) Click the tile for that Interest to add it to your current Interests. A blue check mark will confirm your selection.


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To stop following an Interest:


1) Go to the Interests page or select Edit Interests from the StumbleBar Mode selector menu.
2) Click the blue check mark on the Interest you want to Unfollow.

Can I create two different accounts?
Our Terms of Service allow for only one account per member, and each account should be used only by the owner. If different members of the family (for example) wish to use StumbleUpon, each individual can – and should – have their own account. If more than one StumbleUpon account is used on the same computer, you should ensure that each account is signed out before the other is used. You cannot have two accounts logged in at the same time in the same browser. If your computer uses the Firefox Add-on, you might wish to consider using different profiles for each member.


I ended up with two accounts, can I merge them?
Unfortunately we do not have the ability to merge accounts at this time. If you find yourself with two accounts we suggest you keep the one with more Likes and Interests and delete the other one. You can also attempt to manually add any Likes from your old account to the one you are keeping. To do this, visit the profile you wish to delete while logged into the account you are keeping and re-Like the Likes shown on that profile.



Why do I have to register to use StumbleUpon?
StumbleUpon uses specific qualities gathered from each account such as the Interests you follow, people you follow, and web pages you Like and Dislike in order to recommend you the best content. Based on all these signals, we learn what you like and can provide you better recommendations in the future. Without an account we don’t know what sort of content you like, so our recommendations won't be tailored to your Interests.

When you have an account, you can take advantage of several features across StumbleUpon. You are able to follow thousands of Interests, save your favorite web pages to your account, and follow interesting Stumbles from other members. By Liking web pages you help us create a customized and personalized Stumble experience just for you. The more information and feedback you provide, the better the quality of your Stumbles.


How do I delete my account?
By deleting your account you will permanently remove your profile and personal information from StumbleUpon. Only the email holder for an account may delete their StumbleUpon account; StumbleUpon staff can not delete your account on your behalf.

Please be aware of the following when deleting your account:

- Your account will be deleted 14 days after your request.
- You may reactivate your account any time during these 14 days.
- By deleting your account your “old” username can not be reused with a new account.
- You do not need to delete your account to change your username or email – you can do this in your Settings page.
- To use the email address from an account you are deleting on another account, please change the email before you delete your account so it will be available for use.
- We do not control what content is indexed by major search engines.

To delete your StumbleUpon account:

Login to your StumbleUpon account (you must be logged in so we can verify ownership; if you do not know your password please reset it). You can then delete your account from this page. Again, you will have to enter your password to verify that you would like the account deleted.

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