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How to get Started on StumbleUpon
How do I Start Stumbling?
How do I add or stop following Interests?
How do I Stumble just one of my current Interests?
What do all the different icons on the StumbleBar do?
How do I share web pages I find with others?
Where can I find web pages I have Liked?
What are “followers” and what is “following”?
How do I find people I know who are already using StumbleUpon so I can follow them?
Where can I find other similar Stumblers to connect with?
Can I see my past Stumbles? Can I delete my History?
I have an issue with my account or settings


How to get started on StumbleUpon
StumbleUpon is great for finding you content you might never have otherwise found on your own. After you create an account and select Interests, make sure to find and connect with your friends on StumbleUpon (this lets you share your great finds easier as well as helps improve the quality of your Stumbles). Finally, browse through and follow different Channels to see even more great stuff in your Stumble stream from brands, sites, and celebrities you like.

From here it’s all about Stumbling! You can start Stumbling from anywhere on StumbleUpon by clicking the “Stumble!” button in your StumbleBar at the top of your screen. We take in a lot of different signals to ensure we are showing you the best stuff on the Internet. You can make sure you are getting the best recommendations by Liking and Disliking web pages we show you, following other members whose Likes you find interesting, and following to a variety of Interests. This all helps us personalize your Stumbles so we can show you the best of the Web.


How do I start Stumbling?
All you need to start Stumbling is a StumbleUpon account and an Internet connection. First make sure you are signed up and have selected several Interests you would like to find web pages about. Once you’ve logged into, you can then start Stumbling at anytime by clicking the “Stumble!” button in the top left of the black web-based StumbleBar on any page.

You’ll find you can also start Stumbling from several other places such as by clicking a web page shown on a member’s profile or one of the tiles on your Home page or Profile page.


How do I add or stop following Interests?

To add a new Interest:

1) Go to the Follow page.
2) Select the Interests tab.
3) Browse the available Interests via the tiles displayed in the All, Recommended or Popular Interests views.
4) You can also enter a specific Interest or keyword into the Explore Box to find an Interest you’d like to follow.
5) Click the link that reads FOLLOW on an Interest to add it to your current Interests.

You can also click the Add Interests button on the Home page. 


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To stop following an Interest:


1) Go to your Profile page.
2) Click your Interests tab.
3) Hover over the text that reads FOLLOWING on the bottom of the tile for the Interest.The text should change to UNFOLLOW which you can click to stop following that Interest.


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How do I Stumble just one of my current Interests?
There are several ways to Stumble just one particular Interest. You can do any of the following:

- Click the Stumble Mode button in your StumbleBar and select an Interest
- Go to your Profile page, click your Interests tab and then pick an Interest to Stumble


What do all the different icons on the StumbleBar do?
The StumbleBar is your gateway to exploring the Web! Let’s break down the StumbleBar’s different buttons. Buttons on the various browser StumbleBars may vary slightly in appearance and options.

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Starting from the left:
1. The List button allows you to add Stumbles to existing Lists or create new Lists.

2. The Share button allows you to add a personal message and share a web page you’ve Stumbled with a follower on StumbleUpon or your friends via email, Facebook or Twitter.

3. The Interest button will let you pick what to Stumble. Choose a specific Interest, or a mode such as
Activity, Trending, Photos, or Videos to filter your Stumbles.

4.The Dislike button is your tool to tell what web pages you dislike. This will help us learn what kind of stuff not to recommend to you.

5. The Dislike button drop-down allows you to open the Dislike menu and pick a specific reason why you do not like a web page. The reasons you can choose include:

- Not for Me when a web page is not in-line with your Interests (don’t worry, you are only rating the individual article  or web page).
- Seen Page Already if you have seen the web page already or the same content hosted on a different web page (examples: news articles taken verbatim from a news web pages, photos taken from a photo web page, re-uploaded videos on YouTube, online games re-hosted on another server, etc. Critique, satire, remixes of content from other pages are acceptable and should not be flagged).
- Page Does Not Load when a web page appears to be broken or a 404.
- Report as Spam should be used for content with no value for you or any other member. You may use this option for Stumbles that are unsolicited requests to register, look suspicious or contain scams.
-Report Wrong Topic If the page is not in the correct Interest you can report it and suggest a better Interest for it to be in.
- Block This Site to block an entire domain, which means you will no longer receive any pages from that domain again. You can unblock the domain later if you change your mind from your “Stumbles” tab in your Settings pages.

6. The Stumble button will take you to your next recommendation.

7. The Like button is your tool to tell us what web pages you like. These pages will be saved to your Profile page so you can easily find them later.

8. The Notifications button will show a number when you have pending shares, messages or updates for your account. Clicking this button will open the Activity Center where you can see your notifications and Shares.
9. The Profile button will take you back to your profile page.


Where can I find web pages I have Liked?
Web pages you have Liked will be shown on the default view of your Profile page. You can use the tabs on your profile page to show you all your Likes by Photos, Videos, Additions or by Interest. When you show your Likes By Interest it will bring up a list of tiles of all the different tags linked to each of your Likes. The tags will not be limited to the original Interests you selected and instead reflect all tags linked to any web pages you have Liked. 


What are Followers and what is Following?
A follower is a Stumbler who is following you. If your followers enjoy your Likes and Additions, and Like them, then these web pages will increase in popularity, circulate more widely and be seen by other Stumblers who follow the same Interests.

A member labeled following is a Stumbler you are following. Following a Stumbler will add their Likes to your stream of recommended web pages (where your Interests coincide). You should only follow another Stumbler if you like the web pages they like and if you would want it to influence your future Stumbles. You can see who is following you by going to the Followers tab on your Profile and who you are following by clicking Following. You can follow a maximum of 500 Stumblers.


How do I find people I know who are already using StumbleUpon so I can follow them?
1. Use our special tool to look for your contacts here.

2. You can also go to and see recommended Stumblers or use the search field at the top right of the page to search for Stumblers by username or email.

3. To follow a Stumbler, click the Follow button on the bottom of the tile.

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Where can I find other with other Similar Stumblers to connect with?
You can find other Stumblers to follow several ways:

- Visit the Comments page for a web page see other Stumblers who Like it.
- Check out the Stumblers suggested for you to follow on the right hand side of your Profile page.
- Click on an Interest to see the Info page for that Interest and find other Stumblers who follow that Interest.
- View a Stumbler’s Profile and look under their Following and Followers tabs to see other Stumblers they are following that may be of interest to you.


Can I see my past Stumbles? Can I delete my History?
You can find all the past web pages you’ve directly Stumbled on StumbleUpon by going to your Profile page and clicking the History tab. Other Stumblers cannot see your History and this is private to you. However, you cannot delete your History.

I have an issue with my account or settings
Please read our Help Center article on Account Settings:
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