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Active Campaigns:

Campaigns approved and currently running. symbol by a campaign indicates that it is active.



Archived Campaigns:

A stopped campaign. symbol by a campaign indicates that it is archived. You can hide an archived campaign by un-checking the "Archived" box next to "Show".



Auto Targeting:

Your content will be automatically optimized to find the interests and demographics most receptive to your content. The longer a campaign runs, the more highly targeted it becomes as we learn and optimize. The other targeting options include Broad Interest Targeting and Precise Interest Targeting.


Broad Interest Targeting:

A list of 22 topic bundles to reach groups of people that share similar interests and traits. Each broad interest consists of multiple topics that we think best represent the psychographic qualities of the grouping. The list includes bundles such as Business Professionals, Retail-Beauty, Humor Seekers and Gaming. Match your campaign to the pre-determined group that you're trying to reach on StumbleUpon. The other targeting options include Auto Targeting and Precise Interest Targeting.



The total amount you have spent on a URL/campaign so far.



Daily Budget:

This sets a daily cap on the total amount you may be charged for a campaign. Note: Paid Discovery is a prepaid advertising system. Campaigns will not serve if account balance is zero.



Daily Max:

The total amount you are willing to spend per day across all of your active campaigns.




This stands for Effective Cost Per Visitor. The eCPV is calculated by dividing the total cost of the campaign by the sum of the paid and free Stumbles.



Engaged Visitor:

A visitor who thoroughly views your content. An engaged visitor is defined by a Stumble that has served a user with enough time to consume the content on your URL. We measure engagement by many factors, including time spent, page interaction and activity, share rate, and many more.


Funds Remaining:

The total amount of funding remaining in your account. If your funds reach zero, then the campaigns cannot run. To add funds, visit:



Manage Page:

Sort through your URLs with active or paused campaigns and directly edit the campaign details.



Organic Stumbles:

A free visit to your page as a result of viral content. You can receive organic traffic through the following ways:
  • As users discover your page, they can share it with friends and other StumbleUpon members.
  • Your page is shown to members organically.
  • Members can find your page on other StumbleUpon members’ profile or blog.



Paid Discovery Dashboard:

Submit campaigns, view statistics, and access URLs from the Paid Discovery Dashboard. The Paid Discovery Dashboard page is the first page you land on when you login to your Paid Discovery account.


Paid Stumble:

A unique visitor to an advertiser’s page that they pay to receive.



Paused Campaigns:

Campaigns approved and currently not running. symbol by a campaign indicates that it is paused. You can hide a paused campaign by un-checking the "Paused" box next to "Show".



Pending Campaigns:

Campaigns which are awaiting approval from the ad and content ops team.


Precise Interest Targeting:

If you’d rather not have our system choose the most relevant audience for your campaign, you may select manual targeting. Manual targeting prompts you to select interests that you feel best describe what the content of the page is, as well as the intended audience you wish to reach. The other targeting options include Auto Targeting and Broad Interest Targeting.


Reports Page:

View advanced reports from your campaigns. Select a date range, URL, and optionally a campaign to build a report of your Standard and Premium campaigns. Use the filters to further refine your report, and view the data by Topic, Gender, Age Range, Device, State, Country or Date. You also have the option to download a csv file of the reports you generate.




Quality score reflecting a ratio of thumbs up to thumbs down. The value reflected is relative to other advertiser campaigns targeting the same audience.



Served Today

The total amount spent across your URLs on a given day.




When you enter your URL with custom parameters, you can identify which ones are used for tracking purposes and which are content parameters. For example, if you submit a URL - you will be able to set p as your custom tracking parameter. If you are using Google Analytics tracking, Paid Discovery will automatically detect your parameters.





URL Dashboard:

You can view campaigns that are active, paused and/or archived for URLs that have been approved.
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