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Publisher Widget Overview

StumbleUpon’s publisher widget helps you create a space on your page where visitors can discover great content, powered by our recommendation technology. You can showcase the highest rated content recommended by you or over 20 million other StumbleUpon members, tailored by interest(s) and domain(s). Additionally, you can even highlight your recent favorites from your StumbleUpon account, a feature that is ideal for personal blogs.

Creating a Widget

Go to, and click   

Step 1

Select what type of content you would like your widget to display. Note you may only choose one of the following two options:

If you would like to show favorites from one or more StumbleUpon account(s) on your widget, select the “User Favorites” option and enter the StumbleUpon username(s) in the designated text box. Note if you are entering multiple usernames, use a comma to separate your entries.

If you would like to show top rated content from specific domains and/or interests, select the “Best of a Site and/or Interest” option.

Enter one or more domain(s) of your choice in the designated text box.

Additionally you can tailor the content displayed on your widget based on interests, by entering topic(s) from our list of 500 in the designated text box. You can also select interests by clicking on the question mark symbol next to the text box.

After you have selected the content you would like displayed, click   

Step 2

Choose the layout of your widget, give it a title, and copy the code provided.

Select one of three layouts listed in the dropdown below “What type of widget would you like?”.

Enter a title for your widget in the text box under “What’s the title of your widget?” or you can use the default title automatically generated for you.

You are almost done! Simply click “Copy Code” located below “Widget Code” and paste it in your HTML webpage.

How do I change my thumbnail or headline in my widget?

There’s currently no way to change the thumbnails or headlines at this time, but we’re actively working to improve the way in which we pull thumbnails and headlines. You should start to notice improvements soon! Thanks for your patience.

Can I create a custom sized widget?

We currently have the widget available in the 3 sizes you see at, but will continue to think about adding more sizes.

Can I sort the widget by date?

There are no date filters available in the widget at this time, although this is a feature we’re thinking about adding in the future.

Integration Tips


From your blogger dashboard go to Template and click Edit HTML.

Check the box for “Expand Widget Templates”.

In the template find (you can do a text search with Ctrl+F) <data:post.body/> and right below it add:

<div:if cond=’data:blog.pageType ==”item”‘>
<div style=’clear: both;’/>
Of course replace #textcode_from_above# with the code displayed under “Widget Code”.

Click on “Save Template”.

Click on “View Blog” to see how your blog looks now with the widget on it.


For self-hosted blogs:

Edit single.php of your WordPress theme.

Find the following line (or similar line, depending on your theme file) in single.php or theloop.php:

<?php the_content(“<p class=serif>Read the rest of this entry”</p>”);?>

Immediately after the line, add the code above:

Save and upload single.php back to your WordPress theme folder. Done!

For blogs hosted on

Please visit


Login to your Typepad account and add the code above to your Main Index and Individual Archive templates. For more information, you can also refer to the TypePad Help.

Movable Type

Login to your Movable Type account and add the code above to your main index, category index and individual archive index templates.

Frequently Asked Questions

I tried creating a widget using a domain of my choice, but there was no content.

Please email us at with the domain. We’re constantly adding new domains to the StumbleUpon widget. The best way to get more content into our index is to implement our badges on all your pages, and when we have enough content, we’ll add your domain and let you know.

Do I need to have a StumbleUpon account to create a publisher widget?

Currently, you do do not need a StumbleUpon account to create a publisher widget. However having one could be beneficial, because you can create a publisher widget showcasing your favorite stumbles to share with your visitors. If you would like to learn more about how to create a StumbleUpon account, visit our help center.

Are the three sizes (i.e., 160×600, 300×250, and 600×250) the only ones available?

The three sizes are the only ones available as of now, but we may offer more down the line. If you would like to see any specific sizes, email We are continuously looking to build on our product, so make sure your requests are on the wishlist.

I don’t like what I see in the box, can I change it?

You cannot change what you see in the box; but don’t worry, since the widget is dynamic your visitors will always see different content.

Can I create a widget using a sub-domain (e.g.

At this time, you cannot use sub-domains to create a widget. You can add the sub-domains you would like to showcase to your favorites, and create a widget showing favorites from your StumbleUpon account by selecting the “User Favorites” option.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback:

Contact us through our Feedback Form and select “Widgets” from the drop down menu so we can properly route and address your inquiry.
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