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I have a problem or a question about the Chrome Extension
Where do I download the extension?
How do I upgrade to the new version?
What new features are there?
How does the StumbleBar for Chrome differ from the StumbleBar for Web?
What are the main features and buttons in the extension?
How do I hide and reveal the Chrome Extension?
How do I sign in and sign out via the StumbleBar for Chrome?
How do I uninstall the Chrome Extension?
How does Disable differ from Uninstall?


I have a problem or a question about the Chrome Extension

For general problems, to report a bug, or find the answer to a question not listed here, please visit our Chrome Extension forums and Known Issues page to see if it’s something already on our radar or that has been addressed. If you are encountering problems with your Chrome StumbleBar please be sure you are running the latest version of the extension and have the most up-to-date version of Chrome. If you have the most recent versions and are sill encountering issues please contact us at:



Where do I download the plugin?

You can download the StumbleBar for Chrome from our Downloads page.



How do I upgrade to the new version?

Chrome will notify you when you restart your browser that you have an update for your extensions. Going to the Chrome>Preferences>Extensions page (chrome://settings/extensions ) will allow you to manage your extensions and see what version of StumbleBar for Chrome you are running. The most recent version can be found on the Chrome Web Store .

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What new features are there?
The new version of the StumbleBar for Chrome presents all the functionality of our StumbleBar for the Web without having to visit our site. Instead you can take the Chrome extension with you as you Stumble so you can share, tag and add comments to your Likes.



How does the StumbleBar for Chrome differ from the StumbleBar for Web?
The Chrome extension and the Web StumbleBar found on are almost completely identical and that’s the point. We want to give a consistent Stumbling experience to our members however they choose to Stumble. The only difference in appearance is the addition of the Settings button on the StumbleBar for Web. For a detailed breakdown of the buttons on the StumbleBar for Chrome, see below.


What are the main features and buttons in the extension?

Let’s break down the StumbleBar for Chrome’s different buttons.


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Starting from the left:

1.  The List button allows you to add Stumbles to existing Lists or create new Lists.

2. The Comments button allows you to pull up the comments that have been made about the Stumble you are viewing. You can also easily add your own comments to the conversation, personal tags, or post your comments to your social networks. Clicking the blue View All Comments link on the Comment window will take you to the Info page for a Stumble where you can see more about this Stumble.

3.The Facebook button will allow you to share pages you like to your Facebook Timeline. You must connect your Facebook account in your Settings page before you can share to Facebook.

4. The Share button allows you to add a personal message and share a web page you’ve Stumbled with a follower on StumbleUpon or your friends via email, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

5. The Recommended button will let you pick what to Stumble. Choose a specific Interest or a mode such as Trending, Activity, Photos, or Videos to target your Stumbles.

6. The Dislike button is your tool to tell what web pages you dislike. This will help us learn what kind of stuff not to recommend to you.

7. The Dislike button drop-down allows you to open the Dislike menu and pick a specific reason why you do not like a web page. The reasons you can choose include:

- Not for Me when a web page is not in-line with your Interests (don’t worry, you are only rating the individual article or web page).
- Seen Page Already if you have seen the web page already or the same content hosted on a different web page (examples: news articles taken verbatim from a news web pages, photos taken from a photo web page, re-uploaded videos on YouTube, online games re-hosted on another server, etc. Critique, satire, remixes of content from other pages are acceptable and should not be flagged).
- Page Does Not Load when a web page appears to be broken or a 404.
- Report as Spam should be used for content with no value for you or any other member. You may use this option for Stumbles that are unsolicited requests to register, look suspicious or contain scams.
- Block <domain> to block an entire domain, which means you will no longer receive any pages from that domain again. You can unblock the domain later if you change your mind from your “Stumbles” tab in your Settings pages.

8. The Stumble button will take you to your next recommendation.

9. The Like button is your tool to tell us what web pages you like. These pages will be saved to your Profile page so you can easily find them later.

10. Your Notifications button will show up when you have pending shares, messages or updates for your account. Clicking this number will let you quickly choose which notifications to read.

11. The Home button will take you back to your Home page.

12. The Settings button will open your Settings menu so you can quickly navigate to your Profile page, the Help Center, your Settings pages or sign out of StumbleUpon.

13. Clicking the “X” button will allow you to hide the StumbleBar whenever you want. It does not sign you out of Stumbleupon. To bring the StumbleBar back just click on the StumbleUpon extension icon to the right of the address bar in your browser. You won’t even have to sign in again.


How do I hide and reveal the Chrome Extension?

To hide the the extension left-click on the StumbleUpon button to the right of your browser’s address bar. Then choose “Hide” from the drop down menu.To bring the StumbleBar back or if you get to a web page where the extension disappears just press the StumbleUpon logo button again.

The drop down menu also contains quick links to your Profile, Settings and much more.

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How do I sign in and sign out via the StumbleBar for Chrome?
To sign in via the extension click “Login” to bring up fields to enter your username or email and password. You can also click the Facebook connect button if you have connected your account (link to connect account) to StumbleUpon.


How do I uninstall the Chrome Extension?

1)You can uninstall by going to Chrome>Preferences and clicking the “Extensions” tab on the left sidebar which will take you here: chrome://settings/extensionSetting.

From there you can “Disable” or “Remove” the extension.

2)You can also right click on the StumbleUpon icon in the top right of your browser window and select “Uninstall” from the dropdown menu.

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How does Disable differ from Uninstall?
Disabling the Chrome StumbleBar works similarly to uninstalling the extension but does not remove the application itself. Disabling the Chrome StumbleBar will keep the extension from opening automatically when you open your browser. It will also remove the StumbleUpon icon to the right of your address bar.To re-enable the extension you must go to Chrome>Preferences>Extensions (chrome://settings/extensions) and check the box that says “enable” next to the StumbleUpon extension.

If you have read through the Help Center and require additional assistance please consult our public support forums or write to us at:
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