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I have a problem or a question about the Firefox Add-on

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How do I install the add-on?

You can download the StumbleBar for Firefox from the official Mozilla Add-ons page.

How do I uninstall the add-on?

On your Firefox browser, go to Tools > Add-ons > click on StumbleUpon and then click Remove. The uninstall process will present you with the option to uninstall all of the StumbleUpon configuration files.

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How do I upgrade the add-on?

To see if you have the latest version of the StumbleUpon Add-on for Firefox, on your browser go to Tools > Add-ons. Click on More next to StumbleUpon to see the Add-on version. Here you can also turn on Automatic Updates for this Add-on.

If you don’t have the most recent version, download it from here.


What are the main features and buttons in the extension?

Let’s break down the StumbleBar's different buttons.


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Starting from the left:

1.  The Home button will take you back to your profile page.

2. The Settings button will open the Settings menu where you can choose between themes, including Classic Mode. You can also navigate to your Profile page, the Help Center, your Settings pages or sign out of StumbleUpon.

3. The Close button will hide the widget until you click the extension icon to bring it back up.

4. The Stumble Mode button will let you pick what to Stumble. Choose a specific Interest or a mode such as Trending, People I Follow, Photos, or Videos to target your Stumbles.

5. The Stumble button will take you to your next recommendation.

6. The Like button is your tool to tell us what web pages you like. These pages will be saved to your profile page so you can easily find them later.

7. The Share button allows you to add a personal message and share a web page you’ve Stumbled with a follower on StumbleUpon or your friends via email, Facebook, and Twitter.

8. The Dislike button is your tool to tell what web pages you dislike. This will help us learn what kind of stuff not to recommend to you.

9. The Report button opens a drop-down that allows you to pick a specific reason why you do not like a web page. The reasons you can choose include:
- Report: Spam should be used for content with no value for you or any other member. You may use this option for Stumbles that are unsolicited requests to register, look suspicious, or contain scams.
- Report: Wrong Topic this opens a menu that allows you to choose the correct Interest for a page.
- Report: Not Available when a web page appears to be broken or a 404.
- Block Site to block an entire domain, which means you will no longer receive any pages from that domain again. You can unblock the domain later if you change your mind from your “Stumbles” tab in your Settings pages.

10. The Inbox button will show when you have pending shares. Clicking this will open the Activity Center where you can see your Shares.

11. The List button allows you to add Stumbles to existing Lists or create new Lists.

12. The Info button will take you to the Info page for a Stumble where you can see more about this Stumble.

13. The Expand/Collapse button toggles the full toolbar.

How do I submit pages?

To submit a page to StumbleUpon using the StumbleBar simply click the Thumb Up button while on that page and it will be automatically submitted and counted as a Like on your Profile. If you prefer to submit and choose an Interest for your page, please go to the Submit page.


Why is my Firefox Add-on not showing?


If the add-on is not showing on your browser, first check View >Toolbars to see if it is checked to display.

From the browser menu, select View > Toolbars > StumbleUpon, or press CTRL + F11

If the StumbleBar is NOT in the View> Toolbar list, you may need to reinstall it.

If the add-on IS in the list, and still does not display when checked, it is likely that the cause is a conflict with another browser, add-on, or script – in which case, we’d recommend that you:

  1. Disable all other programs and open web pages but StumbleUpon to be sure there is not a conflict, then restart your browser.
  2. Check your Internet connection to be sure you are running at optimal speed.

If you require further assistance, please post in our Community Support forum – and be sure to tell us the details of your Firefox setup.

Do I have to install a Add-on to use StumbleUpon?

StumbleUpon offers a StumbleBar that doesn’t require a download.

Access the StumbleBar directly – from any browser – from any page on StumbleUpon.

With the StumbleBar, you can Stumble and Like or Dislike sites in different categories. If you are a StumbleUpon member, web pages that you Stumble using both the StumbleBar and Firefox Add-on will be saved with your other account information.


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