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StumbleUpon Paid Discovery Campaign Creation Guide


The StumbleUpon Paid Discovery team is excited to bring you a new campaign creation interface! We’ve revamped the campaign creation process based on feedback from advertisers and now it’s even easier use. The guide below describes how to set up campaigns in Paid Discovery and points out a few new features that have been added.


URL (Required):  Enter the web page you would like to promote e.g. This is the page people will land on while stumbling. You may use redirects or append parameters to your URL for tracking purposes.


Campaign Name (Optional):  A campaign name is optional but can make it easier to identify the campaign in your dashboard and reporting. Campaign names are for your advertising account only and stumblers will not them.


Template (Optional): Templates allow you to save targeting criteria and apply it to future campaigns. This can save you time if you create many campaigns with the same targeting selections (Age, Gender, Device, Location, Interests, & Price). Please note that you can ALSO create partial templates, e.g. only apply age and device targeting, as not all of the targeting options need to be part of the template. To create a template simply make your selections in the targeting section, NAME your template (at the bottom of the page), and click Save Template.

Age (Optional):  StumbleUpon users range in age and we recommend that you leave the default setting enabled in order to reach stumblers of all ages. If your content is intended for a specific age range, e.g. mature audiences, change the age setting appropriately. Otherwise, keep default settings enabled and StumbleUpon’s recommendation algorithm will optimize your campaign to serve to the most receptive ages.


Gender (Optional):  If your content is gender specific, select the appropriate gender for your campaign. If you target both genders, StumbleUpon’s recommendation algorithm will optimize serving for the most receptive gender.


Devices (Optional): Our users access StumbleUpon across a variety of devices and we allow advertisers to target stumblers on desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. We recommend targeting all devices to reach everyone but please ensure that your web page renders properly on all selected devices. StumbleUpon’s recommendation algorithm will automatically optimize your campaign to serve on the best performing devices when multiple are selected.


Location (Optional): StumbleUpon users are mainly English speaking but come from all over the world. Targeting all locations provides maximum reach and allows StumbleUpon’s recommendation algorithm to optimize campaigns for serving to the best performing areas. If there is a need for geo-targeting, you can target your campaign by:

  1. Country

  2. State

  3. DMA

  4. City

To target by location simply start typing the area’s name (e.g. New Z) and a list of options will appear. Please note that you may select multiple locations with a single campaign.


Interests (Required): Stumblers tell us their interests when signing up for StumbleUpon so that we know what type of content to recommend for them. Advertisers target their campaigns using this same list of 500+ interests. Simply select the interest topics that you feel best describe the content of the page as well as the intended audience you wish to reach.


There are two ways to go about selecting interests for targeting:

  1. Bundles are a group of interests which we recommend Paid Discovery advertisers use to target their campaigns.  

In order to see what a bundle is comprised of - click on the bundle and the interests contained within will show to the right. When you click “Select This Bundle” a blue checkmark will appear which lets you know that the bundle was selected. You’ll also see the bundle noted in blue in the interests box above. Please note that precise interests may be added to bundle selections as well.

2. Precise Interests are individual interest topics. You can select one or more of the precise interests if the bundles do not fit your needs. Please note that precise interests may be used in conjunction with bundles.


Similar Interests: In both instances we will recommend similar interests to add to your targeting in the Campaign Review section on the right hand side. You can select these related interests in order to expand the available audience size for your campaign. As always, StumbleUpon’s algorithm will optimize to serve your campaign to serve in the best performing interest(s).

Budget (Required): Set a daily budget for your campaign. You can choose to have the budget spent evenly throughout the day for steady serving or have the campaign spend ASAP within the day for faster serving.

Price (Required): We recommend a price per stumble based on the targeting criteria chosen. Broad audience targeting results in a lower price per stumble while more specific targeting returns a higher price per stumble. You have the flexibility to edit the price per stumble however please note that setting a price below the recommendation may impact fulfillment. Bidding above the recommended price helps ensure serving priority for your campaign.

Schedule (Optional): You can schedule your campaign to run over a specific time frame. Campaigns will begin at 12:01am PST of the start date and finish by 11:59pm PST on the end date.

Engaged Visitors (Optional): To only pay for visitors spending 5+ seconds on your page, select this feature. If selected, you will see these stumbles show up as Unpaid Visits on your Paid Discovery dashboard.


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