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Campaign Creation Questions


Do my ads go through a review process?

Campaigns submitted by new advertisers undergo a review process which normally takes a few hours on weekdays. Established advertisers will have their campaign go live within 5 - 15 minutes of submission.

Does StumbleUpon optimize the serving of my ad?

Yes, your campaign is automatically optimized to serve to stumblers that are most likely to be receptive. That’s the beauty of having a recommendation engine power ad serving.

Can I control my campaigns in real time?

Yes the Paid Discovery dashboard is self serve and you’re able to control everything in real time.

Can I pre-schedule my campaigns to run over a certain time frame?

Yes you can schedule campaigns to run over any date range you’d like. You’re also able to set your budget either by day or for the lifetime of the flight.

Can I control exactly how many visits I send to a particular URL?

Yes you able to dictate of the number of visitors sent to a given page. It’s simply a function of your budget.

I am getting an error when I submit my URL. What do I do?

First, check the error message on the page in case it offers any hints about the problem. If you think you have mistyped your URL, please enter it again. If problems persist, please email

Why is my campaign not receiving any stumbles?

First, ensure that your Paid Discovery account has a balance since campaigns cannot run without funds in the account. Next, check that your account’s max daily budget is not preventing your campaign budget from serving. Lastly, ensure that the campaign does not have a start date in the future or an end date in the past and that the campaign state is set to active.

Can I have multiple campaigns under the same URL?  

Yes, many of our advertisers have multiple campaigns for the same page.

How can I quickly make campaigns for many URLs?

If you plan to create multiple campaigns with the same targeting criteria the template feature allows you to save targeting info and apply it to future campaigns. Templates are optional but they can be quite helpful in speeding up the campaign creation process.

How do I stop a campaign?

Any active campaign can just be stopped via the Manage tab by clicking the pause or archive icon.

My campaigns are under-delivering. What can I do?

Your targeting may be too granular to reach your desired daily budget. Try broadening the target audience in order to gain more reach. You can also raise your bid to increase serving priority over other advertisers.

How frequently does Paid Discovery reporting update?

Stats on your Paid Discovery homepage update every few minutes. The Reporting section updates    every few hours.

Does StumbleUpon offer third-party tracking?

The Paid Discovery dashboard will report on all stumble activity but if you’d like to use redirect services such as or DoubleClick for additional click tracking, we can accomodate it for paid stumbles. Please send an email to to enable redirects for your account. You may also append tracking parameters to your URL. Simply enter the full URL into the text box on the campaign creation form and indicate which of the parameters are used for tracking purposes.

My question wasn’t answered by this FAQ. Where can I send my question?

    Use the form on this page. Make sure you select that your issue is related to Paid Discovery.
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